Bux Zero

Bux Zero

Regulation:  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Commission free trading
  • Intuitive app interface
  • No demo account
  • Limited market analysis tools
  • No desktop or web-based trading platform for stocks

Reviewed broker: BUX Zero

Established in 2014

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. BUX Zero boasts a user-base of over 30,000 traders spread across Europe, following successful launches in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France.

The new-style of brokerage offers commission-free trading through a mobile app, enabling retail investors to invest in companies anytime, anywhere. BUX Zero is targeted towards the younger generation, for whom mobile banking has laid the groundwork for mobile trading.

Regulation:  Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). It is also listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange (HSE).

All BUX Zero activities are monitored and regulated by the Dutch Authorities. The broker must comply with industry regulations and, as such, clients should feel reassured. Further information regarding the licensing policies held can be found on the broker’s website.

Security: With cyber-attacks becoming more prevalent, client security is of vital importance. BUX Zero demonstrate dedication to client security with advanced encryption technologies for all communications. The broker also holds client funds in segregated bank accounts, protecting capital in the case of insolvency, and offer negative balance protection, stopping you from losing more money than you deposit. Additionally BUX Zero offers a free insurance policy that covers up to €1 million.

Accepted countries: BUX Zero only accepts traders from United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands.

Trading Conditions and Features

BUX Zero offers commission-free stock and EFT trading, BUX X offers a range of CFD opportunities and BUX Crypto, launched in 2020, offers an easy way to invest in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

BUX also offer other assets beyond stock investing through two sister companies, BUX X and BUX Crypto. The former is a CFD broker with global stocks, indices like the S&P 500, forex and commodity derivatives. BUX crypto is the company’s cryptocurrency site with a range of tokens available for trading.

BUX Zero supports the following order types:

  • Zero Orders – We created the Zero Order to enable anyone to invest commission-free. This order type will remain commission-free for all EU shares and ETFs. Zero Orders are executed at the end of the trading day, between 4pm (CET) and market close. If you place your order after 4pm (CET) we will execute it on the following trading day.There is no Zero Order available on US stocks because all Market and Limit Orders on US stocks are commission-free.Limit Orders This order is executed at a predetermined price. Limit Orders specify the maximum price you are willing to pay for a share and/or ETF or the minimum price you want to receive for a share and/or ETF you are selling. We charge a €1.5 commission for all Limit Orders on EU shares and ETFs. US shares incur no costs for this order type.
  • Market Orders – This order is executed directly at the best available market price. We charge a €1.5 commission for all Market Orders on EU shares. We also charge a €1.5 commission for all Market Orders and fractional Market Orders on ETFs. US shares (including fractional US shares) and cryptocurrency trades incur no costs for this order type.FX
  • Markup When you buy, sell or receive dividends from US stocks, we need to convert the equivalent amount from EUR to USD or vice-versa for you. For this service, we apply a FX markup of 0.35% to the EUR/USD FX spot rate.
  • Investment Plan Users can set-up a monthly investment plan, including stocks and ETFs of their choice, that will be executed on a predetermined day each month. Investment plans cost 1EUR per month, regardless of how many stocks and ETFs are included in the investment plan. If the investment plan isn’t executed, no fee will be charged that month.
  • Cryptocurrency Orders Cryptocurrency orders are commission-free Market Orders. 

BUX Zero also charge a currency conversion fee of 0.25% for any investments not in your account’s base currency. Full details can be found in the pricing section of the broker’s website.

Leverage allows traders to open positions larger than the amount of capital they are putting forward, by borrowing money from the broker. This form of trading, also called margin trading, increases market exposure and can amplify profits for successful trades. However, losses are also magnified when trading with leverage, so care must be taken and it is imperative to have a strict risk management strategy in place.

BUX Zero supports leverage trading and allows clients to vary their rates (within the maximum limits), so they can feel comfortable with the margin size and risk they are taking on. The maximum leverage limits are dictated by the regulatory agency, the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM)), which caps stock leverage at 1:5.


BUX Zero offers a range of ETFs and stocks from Dutch, German, Belgian, French, Austrian and US markets. The stocks range from well-known to lesser-known companies, with the likes of Airbus, Heineken, HelloFresh, API and Zalando included. Many of the stocks are traded on some of the world’s biggest exchanges, including Nasdaq, S&P and Euronext. Fractional shares are also available, allowing those with less capital to own a portion of popular stocks, while experienced investors can diversify existing portfolios.

The asset list is not extensive, though the broker does state that they are always looking to add to it based on user feedback. A full list of the stocks available can be found in the app or on the broker’s website.

Trading Platform

The BUX Zero trade hub is an intuitive mobile trading platform that offers a range of customization options to help speed up execution and improve usability. The platform is easy to navigate, with key information like your portfolio, watchlist and inbox readily available. The platform also supports guaranteed stop/loss orders and OCO orders.

Bux does not have provisions for desktop web trading platforms. The mobile-based platform is the only available option for trading.

Bux offers its customers a stable mobile trading platform that is efficient and user-friendly. Users can either opt for the Android version or the iOS option. And a newbie should be able to navigate the platform in just a few short minutes.

Bux is solely designed for mobile trading, and the design reflects the seamless execution that users associate with mobile devices.

Interestingly, account verification is performed through the mobile app and only requires you to scan your ID with the phone’s camera. The platform also features a Social side that allows you to chat and follow other professional traders. You can also copy trades by simply following the examples of your favorite traders.

Look and Feel

The Bux mobile trading platform is state-of-the-art and very user-friendly. You can master the platform in just a few minutes and begin trading seamlessly.

Login and Security

You can log into the platform by using your password with linked email. After a successful login, you can easily access the app from your mobile device at any time with no delays. You are also prompted to set up a pin code for accessing the in-app functions.

Search Functions

The Search functions of Bux’s mobile platform are decent enough with the appropriate filters applied.

Placing Orders

Bux makes use of a unique system for trade orders its clients can make. Bux users can trade with a Multiplier that effectively multiplies the profits/losses associated with such trade. Users will find the Multiplier system because; while your earnings are multiplied by the value of your multiplier, your losses will never exceed the amount you invested.

Suppose you place an order of £100 and apply a multiplier of 3. This means that the multiplier value influences your profits/losses. In this scenario, Bux has set it up so that while you stand a chance to make £300 in profits, your losses will NEVER be more than the £100 invested initially. This is called “guaranteed Stop-Loss.”

Alerts and Notifications

The Bux app has the standard alerts and notification functions that you would expect of a high-end mobile platform.

Desktop Trading Platform

Bux does not offer any desktop trading platform services to its customers and users.

Mobile Trading

BUX Zero is a mobile-based broker and all trading is done through its mobile trading platform. The BUX Zero application is compatible with iOS and Android (APK) devices for free. Client reviews are generally positive and highlight the easy-to-navigate interface and sleek design.

Payment Options

Bux operates minimum deposits for users that have upgraded to trading with real money. The minimum deposit amount is £50.

Credit and debit cards are accepted (VISA and MasterCard) as well as bank wire.


  • User-friendly process
  • Zero charges for deposits and withdrawals
  • Multiple base currencies supported


  • Bank wire transactions can be slow
  • No Virtual Wallets such as Skrill or Paypal

Account Types with BUX Zero

Demo Account

BUX Zero does not offer a demo account. Clients must sign up for a live trading account from the get-go. This draws away from the competitiveness of the rest of their services as practice accounts are a useful way to get to grips with the platform or trial new strategies in a risk-free environment.

Live Account

BUX Zero offers a single account option. The flat structure is transparent and all stocks and shares are available to account holders. This means that rates are competitive for all, rather than just premium account holders, as tends to be the case with some larger brokers.

Account opening process review


  • Fully digital experience
  • Speedy and user-friendly process
  • Low minimum deposit amount


  • There is no apparent problem with the whole process of opening a Bux account

Bonuses and Promotions

BUX Zero offers an introductory ‘free share’ offer through a promo code. This is credited to clients once they have set up a trading account. The share provided is decided by the broker and may be worth anywhere between €1 and €200. Full terms and conditions for the promotion are provided on the broker’s website and app. 

Educational Material

BUX Zero provides a range of educational resources that can be accessed for free in the app or on the broker’s website. These comprise a suite of articles covering key topics, in addition to news, insight and forecasts. The ETF Knowledge centre also hosts additional information about ETFs in general and those offered by the brokerage. Finally, BUX Zero runs a community forum page where clients can get advice or share tips and tricks.

Customer Support

BUX Zero has a dedicated customer support web page with a list of FAQs and a live chat feature. These are all mirrored in the help section of their mobile app. The customer service team offer support in six languages, including English, Dutch and German. BUX Zero can also be contacted on social media, like Twitter. Additionally, the broker can be contacted via email. 


How Can I Open A BUX Zero Account?

Opening an account is a straightforward process for those with smartphones, simply head to the App Store or Google Play store and download the BUX Zero app. Fill in your details, follow the login process and you’re ready to start trading. BUX Zero is a mobile trading platform so is not available for use on PC or Macbook devices.

Is BUX Zero A Good Broker?

BUX Zero is a strong option for beginner traders, with accessible services and low-cost trading. However, the limited platform options, assets and analysis tools may limit the broker’s suitability to more advanced investors.

Is BUX Zero Safe?

BUX Zero is a legitimate, regulated broker with segregated bank accounts, advanced encryption services and negative balance protection. Clients should feel reassured of their capital’s safety and that they have legal recourse through the AFM in the event of dishonesty.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Requirement For BUX?

BUX Zero has no minimum deposit requirement, making it an ideal option for new traders or those with little capital to invest.

How Can I Delete My BUX Zero Account?

If you wish to close your BUX Zero account, you must first close any open positions and sell any shares that you hold. You may then empty your account and send an email to the broker using the address above, BUX Zero will then close your account for you.

How Do I Retrieve Dividends With BUX Zero?

BUX Zero clients that own shares in companies that pay dividends will have the awarded amount automatically credited to their account once made available by the company.

How was the rating of BUX performed compared to other brokers? 

This 2024 Forex Broker Review  has been conducted though thorough research and assessment of rating and ranking among almost 300 international forex brokers. The final grade is given based on BUX FX broker performance and features. 

Overall our online BUX review was conducted with the details obtained from the demo trading and the forex brokers website. If you would like to add details to this online BUX or you find inaccurate details BUX broker review please get in touch with us and the changes will be applied. 

Bux Zero Details

Trading Platforms
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Trading Conditions
Trading Instruments
Minimum Deposit
Representative Offices

BUX Zero is one of Europe’s fastest-growing neo brokers, a stock broker with a new business model and mobile-focused services.

Regulation and Security
Platforms and Features
Deposit and Withdrawal
Educational Material
3.3 Overall Rating

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