High Probability Trading Strategy

For those just entering the rapidly growing world of trading, there are many strategies that can help you achieve success. It is extremely important to learn about the market and understand the ever-changing market trends to be able to make a profit. There are various strategies that traders put to use, and it will be quite helpful for you if you can learn how to spot conditions when you can apply those strategies.

high probability trading strategy

Contributing factors in successful trading 

Traders have to realize that in any kind of trading, there are risks involved. This strategy, however, does not bring many risks with it. Because it is so uncommon, the profit achieved is much higher compared to the losses that traders face in the market. 

Along with the risks, having a proper strategy is crucial. Being able to manage risks, and apply a desired strategy are two factors that make a good trader. Strategies help traders understand the ongoing trends, and can also help traders achieve success that is consistent. By using a similar formula while trading, traders can easily keep track of the profits they earn. 

What is High Probability Trading Strategy? 

High probability trading strategy uses statistical analysis and it is a strategy that is based on rules. It is a combination of strategy, risk management and a trading plan. Before applying any strategy in trading, it is important to know the right time for trading, the risks, the rules of entry and exit, and to know the correct timeframe when the strategy can be applied. This is known as a trading plan. 

High probability trading strategy can be applied to any market. It allows to trade with a variety of currencies . On an average, traders can anticipate at least one or two trades. High probability trade conditions are not very common, but when they occur, they can present great profit-making opportunities. 

Are high-probability trading strategies effective? 

High probability trading strategies are used to gain the maximum amount of profits while trading, and these strategies also reduce the loss that is suffered. It is an effective trading strategy, used by seasoned traders who know and can read the market well. In terms of effectiveness, high probability trading strategies can easily adapt to a market that keeps changing. For instance when stock prices go from being a range to a trend. As a robust strategy, with high probability trading, traders can earn more profits more frequently without getting affected much by the minor losses that are incurred.  

While trading, buyers and sellers are often befuddled when they see an inflation in the market. The high probability strategy isolates those inflation points, giving traders a higher advantage around that time. The profit window in the markets lasts for as long as there is no synchronization between the buyer and the seller. This is where the strategy works the best. The profits gained from this strategy, solely depends on the number of currencies the trader is following. 

With high probability trading, the traders should be mindful of  two principles. The first principle is that individual trades are very unpredictable. There is never a sure shot way of predicting whether a certain individual trade will win or lose. Also, it is difficult to predict the amount of profit an individual trade will make. 

Even though individual trades cannot be predicted, a set or series of trades are  more predictable. This is especially true when traders have a probability strategy. Using a strategy means that a trader’s method of trading will be quite consistent. Having consistent trading methods can provide an edge over other traders in the market. Therefore, with a specific trading method, a trader can somewhat predict what the end result of a string of trades is going to be. 

Who should use this strategy?  

This strategy can be utilized by all kinds of traders who are available between 7am to 6pm, according to Greenwich Mean Time Zone. Also, traders who want to try out swing trading with this statistical analysis can also apply the high probability strategy. There is no requirement for expensive charts to use this strategy. Traders may need a couple of simple free charts like the MT4. A few other expensive charts are optional. 

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