8 Side Effects from Trading Forex from Home

I remember how little quitting my “real” job troubled me. Walking out of my blue cubicle, where I spent years wondering if I could somehow request another cubicle next to office window without getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. There was no tickle of mystery about it – I just got fed up working for someone else that looks at you with blank and rather fishy expression every time you walk into his office.  

Real-life Side Effects from Trading Forex

I entered the world of online forex trading with bliss. I have been into forex trading for years and now, finally, my dream of working from home and really earning enough has come true. Here I am working my own hours at my own pace, being my own boss, finally spending some time with my previously abandoned dog! What can possibly go wrong? 

Well, I started to notice things that you never have to deal with when you work in an office. For example: 

  1. I start to forget how to drive my car. Actually, I don’t even know where the car keys are – definitely somewhere in the house, unless the dog ate them…
  2. Whenever I go out from the house, I can hardly keep my eyes open due to an excessive amount of sunshine. That reminds me to buy a new pair of sun glasses.
  3. Whenever I am out of the house I seek attention from strangers. An icy bubble of excitement surges through me whenever there is a possibility of a real human conversation!
  4. Come to think of it, the driving skills are not the only skills that I started loosing. I no longer have a social “touch”. When limited to endless conversations with 2 years old golden retriever and forex trading forums my social skills have gone bye-bye. I no longer able to express myself without stumbling over words. I wish I could type a conversation instead of saying a word! At least there is a “delete” option when you make a spelling mistake!
  5. I can spend the whole day wearing my pajamas… actually I can go on without showing for days.
  6. I sometimes can’t help but stare helplessly over the cluttered apartment. Unless I really can’t pick my way across the room I do nothing about it. 
  7. Working from home can potentially cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. The absence of in-person interactions and social connections found in traditional offices can be particularly difficult for someone who thrive in collaborative environments.
  8. Working from home might not be suited to everyone’s personality or ability. One of the advantages of remote work is the flexibility it offers. However, this flexibility can also blur the boundaries between work and personal life. Without clear separation, you may find it difficult to switch off from work, leading to longer working hours and increased stress. Don’t get me wrong – forex trading rocks, but you still need some kind of schedule while working from home, unless you want to end up like me!

Tips to nurture mental well-being in remote work

  • Set a daily routine and maintain clear work-life boundaries
  • Foster social connections through virtual channels or in-person gatherings with colleagues
  • Designate a dedicated workspace to enhance focus and minimize distractions
  • Engage in self-care practices like exercise, mindfulness, and screen breaks
  • Explore virtual support networks for connections and shared experiences, such as online communities or professional groups.

Keep these tips in mind when you are noticing a decline in your mental health while forex trading!

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