Traders with Longer Fingers Make Millions!

Size does matter even in forex trading. According to the latest research at Cambridge University “The length of a man’s fingers may predict his success”. Now male traders might have yet another thing to worry about when it comes to size!  

The length of a man’s ring finger may predict his success as a financial trader.

The same ring-to-index finger ratio has previously been associated with success in competitive sports such as soccer and basketball, the researchers noted.

Based on the study findings, traders whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers make almost eleven times more money than their less fortunate colleagues. The trick lies in the amount of prenatal testosterone exposure which leads to the better concentration and reflexes skills needed to make quick and correct decisions during trades. 

Finger length theories have been around for a while now. Similar correlation between index and ring fingers has been previously linked to success in sports, fertility and even aggressive personality. 

It has been reported that certain amount of testosterone might increase chances of success in forex trading. Apparently researchers have found that traders “exposed” to high levels of male hormone were likely to gain extraordinary profits.   

The recent experiment was conducted on 44 traders from London, some of which made more than 4 millions per year. Researchers measured trader’s fingers and recorded their profits and losses. Over extended period of time the selected traders with longer ring fingers were making significantly more money than their trading co-workers with slightly shorter finger ratio.    

And if this is not convincing enough, lets look at the actual numbers collected via the research over 20 months: long-fingers traders earned on average 828,000 while short-fingers traders made only 154,000. 

Hormones make you better trader?

Could testosterone hormone really be responsible for such outcome? Does our success depend on the exposure to this hormone before we are even born? Does higher level of testosterone increase our changes of being ultra victorious in forex trading? After all, apart from being responsible for lowering chances of heart attack and strokes, high testosterone levels increase concentration much needed in forex. 

So there you have it. Your forex trading success might not really depend on experience and how much you actually know about forex market, but in fact be largely influenced by biology.  

Before you blame your mother for not “exposing” you to super-power hormone or signing up for hormone treatment (which, by the way, will not make your fingers grow longer!!!), consider the fact that according to Britain’s leading autism research, there is a link between high levels of the male hormone testosterone in the womb of pregnancy women and autistic traits in their children. 

All I am trying to say is that there are always two sides to a coin. Instead of measuring your fingers and feeling sorry for yourself, continue to improve your trading skills and strategy and you will see improvements. I bet there are many short-finger fertile mothers, extremely aggressive short-finger serial killers, short-finger Olympic champions and short-finger forex traders who reach at least 1 million per year!!!

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