Make Money By Copying Top Traders

The Social craze has hit the Forex market. Social Media, Social Networking and now eToro brings you Social Trading. Follow the people you see making money and copy their strategies. See how they trade, when they trade. Read their biographies. Put yours up there and go social. eToro provides you with the power of Social trading on the largest trading network in the world. 

eToro OpenBook allows you to see it all:

•           Your portfolio using advanced filters.

•           Who’s making money.

•           Compare their portfolio and recent activity to yours.

Copy the successful trading strategies of the top traders and reap financial rewards that will see you realize personal financial freedom. The freedom to live the way you want to. We all want to make better decisions when trading. This is what leads to success!!

Do you want to see your portfolio for a few different time periods? Do you want the ability to make better decisions? Wait no longer. The new version of OpenBook gives you, the investor, the power to make choices where you are going to invest. See your money movements? Where is it going? In or Out? For what period? Your total realized profit? Total unrealized profit? Total fees removed from your account for a specific period? See all this information. And of course, your current equity’s sum total. If you think this is all, we offer more and hope you can come on board and join us.

At eToro, we believe in the crowd’s wisdom. It is so important to be able to see how many followers these traders have, but most importantly, you can see the rise and fall of their follow activity. 50% of a trader’s followers stopped following them last week. Why? Dig a little deeper. With OpenBook, we make it so easy. You can sort this wealth of information by gliding your mouse over the table.

The power of information. Leveraged to the maximum with eToro. Now, not only do you have all the information you require in one place to make key decisions, you have the power to conduct portfolio management all from one screen, based on your analysis of other traders that you’re following.

See comprehensive information such as your opening realized equity, the sum of the balance available to you and all the money you have invested in open trades. Trading has never been so easy.

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